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Shamanism is one of the world’s most ancient spiritual traditions. Found in cultures all over the world, the tradition of the Shaman is enchanting and mysterious. From the Native American medicine man to the voodoo sorceress to the traditional healers and diviners of Siberia, Shamanism is a human heritage deeply rooted in our most ancient beliefs and practices.

In this article on American Gypsy Herbalist, we explore the topic of Shamanism around the world and try and connect the various trends and patterns common to these traditions. Click the link below to read more!Β 

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Palmistry, also calledΒ Chirology, is the mystical art of reading peoples palms to determine their fortunes and luck. It is a practice found in many different cultures around the world.

Learn the basics of Palmistry and the significance of it in this blog article below!Β 

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What ISΒ Sacred Geometry? IsΒ Sacred GeometryΒ simply just a pseudoscience, or is it representative of the innate spiritual nature of our reality?

Learn more about this ancient concept in the article below!

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In this article, we explore What is Astrology and how it is practiced.

We also provide information on where you can learn more about Astrology through our partner Appalachian Astrologer!

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