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HERBAL MEDICINE: The spirit of plants is their medicine. This is the ancient teaching of the indigenous peoples and their plant teachers, who for centuries have revealed and shown themselves to mankind, allowing for us to embrace these plants and their uses for healing the mind, body, and soul. Ethnobotany, the study of different cultures uses of different plants, has revealed that all human cultures around the world have a tradition of using plants for both food and medicine, as well as other applications. Plants all over the world are used in similar ways to treat similar illnesses and maladies, to feed people, as a fuel source, and to create.

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HERBAL MEDICINE: In this article, we examine American Gypsy Herbalist's Top 5 Herbs for treating the common cold and flu! We explore how herbal remedies like ginger, elderberry, coneflower, thyme, and mullein can help you recover quickly from the cold or flu, and get back to doing the things you love!

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HERBAL MEDICINE: There are several reasons why you will want to prepare your herbs for long-term storage. Learning how to properly dry and store herbs is a valuable skill that can benefit you greatly! In this article, which is part of our LEARN HERBAL MEDICINE series we teach you everything you need to know to learn the basics of preparing and storing herbs, fruits, and other foraged goodies!

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HERBAL MEDICINE: In this blog article by contributing writer Stephen Huggins we explore the exotic Noni Fruit, an interesting and unique looking plant that is found throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The article discusses the medicinal and nutritional value of the Noni Fruit!

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HERBAL MEDICINE: This article on American Gypsy Herbalist is the first article in a series of content designed to teach individuals the basics of herbal medicine. This article reviews how to forage and gather your own plants for medicinal and herbal use. It goes into a few basic rules to keep in mind, and gives clear instructions on how to get started with this amazing hobby that can provide you with bountiful and free food and medicine straight from nature!

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