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Do you make your own handmade products such as jewelry or soap? Are you a creative and crafty person with your own homemade items to sell? Let us help you here at American Gypsy Herbalist!

We offer a special Create and Consign Program that allows you to profit off of your creative abilities! 

Getting started is simple!

Just send us an email at with a brief description of your products and brand, and how much you generally sell each item for. We also will need high-quality photos for each product you intend to consign and sell. We will do the rest! 

We will post your products for sell on our store, and write a custom product description for them as well. American Gypsy Herbalist will then promote those products across our brand channels including on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and our website! 

Whenever a sale is made we will notify you within 24 hours. You will be responsible for shipping the product, but we provide you with our company's shipping account number so that we cover the shipping cost! 

As the payment is processed for the sale of the consigned item, our easy to use consignment app on Shopify will automatically distribute your percentage of the sale to your online checking account, PayPal, or Venmo account of choice!

You can rest assured knowing that our Create and Consign Program is automated, easy to use, and a guaranteed way to have your product reach a broad and diverse audience!  


Create and Consign Program Jewelry Example American Gypsy Herbalist

Benefits of Our Create and Consign Program

There are several amazing benefits that come with participating in our Create and Consign Program. 

  • Your product is promoted and advertised on our website viewed by people all over the world! 

  • Your product is promoted and advertised on our partner and affiliate websites to people all over the world! 

  • Your product is promoted with custom and unique blog content designed to educate people about your brand, your product, your services, and your craft! 

  • We offer a 60/40 consignment rate where you make 60% of all the proceeds made from the sale of the item! 

    Create and Consign Program on American Gypsy Herbalist